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Types of Surveillance

Private Detective Sitting Inside Car Pho

We utilize state of the art equipment to get the footage you need.  In 2020, we added a high end surveillance drone to our arsenal.  This drone is capable of flying up to nine statute miles, up to altitudes around 9000 feet (with a waiver from the FAA)but normally we fly at an altitude of 400ft.  We can conduct surveillance from over a mile away and still zoom in close enough to obtain the video.  They'll never know we're there.

  • Workers Compensation Surveillance allows for the discrete verification of the validity of the injured worker's claim.

  • FMLA Surveillance allows for the discrete monitoring of your employees that may be abusing their FMLA


  • Personal Injury Surveillance allows for the discrete verification and validity of the accident victim's alleged injury. 

  • Child Custody Surveillance Who's caring for your children while they are with your ex?  Is your ex following the custody rules set forth by the courts?  Are they putting your children in harm’s way?  Are they dropping them off at a sitter instead of spending time with them?  RBH will work with you and your attorney and help you obtain the proof you need in order to help you obtain the desired custody results.

  • Cohabitation Surveillance Is your ex residing with another partner or remarried?  Many maintenance agreements do not allow for cohabitation.  We can obtain the proof you need to get your maintenance lowered or dropped altogether.

  • Maintenance Actions Surveillance is your ex claiming a loss of income in their business or loss of employment?  We can obtain the necessary proof of employment you need to go after the money you deserve or need not be paying.

  • Infidelity Surveillance Is your spouse or significant other cheating on you?  We can obtain the proof you need to ease your mind and help you to move on.

  • Employee Monitoring Surveillance Is your offsite employee where they are supposed to be and are they doing what they are supposed to be doing?  We can help obtain that verification you need to make sure your employee is not sloughing off and lying about their whereabouts and activities while on your dime.

  • Disgruntled Employees/Termination Are you worried about disgruntled employees retaliating against you, your executives or other employees after they were terminated?  We can put around the clock surveillance on the disgruntled employee and monitor their every move to make sure they are not planning on harming anyone or showing up at their former workplace etc.

  • Friend or Family Member Surveillance Do you have a friend or family member that may using or selling drugs, gambling or frequenting places they are not supposed to be or hanging out with questionable individuals?  We can assist you in monitoring their daily habits and whereabouts.


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