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  • Tips from neighbors, relatives, friends or co-workers that a claimant is actually more active than alleged.


  • The injury coincided with a company’s reduction of their work force.


  • The reports coming from nurse case managers, doctors and therapist report a healthier and more  active claimant than what is alleged.


  • The lack of organic basis for the disability. Most of the complaints and allegations are subjective.


  • Premature or excessive demands for compensation.


  • The claimant worked in a seasonal occupation.


  • The claimant often misses their therapy and or doctor appointments.


  • “Dueling Doctors”.  One doctor may state that the claimant is disabled while another reports a completely different prognosis indicating he or she is NOT disabled.


  • There were no witnesses to the reported accident.


  • The claim was not reported until after the claimant was terminated, suspended or had resigned.


  • The claimant had only been employed for a short while when the alleged accident occurred.


  • The claimant is often not home, or you are advised that they are not available.


  • The claimant is disabled longer than is normally associated with the reported injury.


  • The claimant has a history of claims or short-term employment.


  • The claimant’s job performance was below par, was recently disciplined at work or they were nearing the end of a probationary period.


  • A social network check or activity check indicates a more active claimant than alleged.


  • The claimant has a history of financial problems.


  • Course of treatment is questionable. Minor injuries resulting in extensive medical treatment and diagnostic testing.


  • Damage to vehicle is inconsistent with the claimed injuries.


  • Documentation of treatment is suspect.  Photocopies of bills, no record of dates of treatment, no itemization, etc.


  • Multiple occupants treating with the same medical providers.

RBH's team of investigators are ready to conduct surveillance on your subject to verify the validity of the claim.

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